Winter conditions, water temperature is amazing, conditions fun!

July 18, 2016

Don't let the cooler weather stop you enjoying the ocean, our New Zealand visitors loved the lessons over the weekend.

Winter Fun Surf Lessons

July 12, 2016

Wow, how amazing, it is the middle of winter and we have the best weather and surf conditions, inlcuding pretty warm water!

Godfathers of the Ocean Surf School, Burleigh Heads over the weekend!


Jack McCoy reflects on his surfing film 'Bunyip Dreaming with Munga

July 05, 2016

It is a bright future for watercrafts.

May 04, 2016

This is absolutely amazing, to be able to harness the ocean energy and fly.

It just shows how much energy can travel in the oceans that cover 60-70% of our planet.

Yes Laird Hamilton, Bob MacTavish & others should be praised for opening the doors of what is possible, but it only comes down to the individual or group of likeminded people whom actually do something to break the mould and show us all different ways of accomplishing things.

Check it out!



Lapping up the waves at Burleigh Heads Beach

April 24, 2016

Our son Kiarn enjoying the surf conditions over the long weekend.


Munga is passionate about coaching you to surf better

April 15, 2016

Ben enjoys a coaching session with Munga to further improve his surfing skills 

Loving the surf lessons

April 15, 2016

Great day down at Burleigh Heads Beach to head out for another surf lesson!

Munga enjoying the commentary box at the WSL Quicksilver Pro Gold Coast today!

March 15, 2016

Munga with commentator for the WSL Quiksilver Pro and big Wave rider Peter Mel at the Quiksilver Pro this morning at Snapper Rocks Gold Coast

Private Surfing lessons a hit this summer

January 28, 2016

Godfathers of the Ocean Surfing School Burleigh Heads Beach, specialize in private surfing lessons, the knowledge and time with the coach is similar to 3-4 group surfing lessons. This past Summer has been a hit at our surf school with many successful clients learning faster and with more confidence. Burleigh Heads Beach, Gold Coast is home to Godfathers of the Ocean Learn To Surf School, head coach is Former Professional Surfer, Michael 'Munga' Barry.

If you want to know more, contact us today on 0402 911 146, or email:


Head Surf Coach Michael 'Munga' Barry enjoys 15ft waves at Sunset, North Shore Hawaii last week

January 08, 2016

Head coach of Godfathers of the Ocean Surf School, Michael 'Munga' Barry enjoyed a brief break on the North Shore of Hawaii last week, lapping up the big wave conditions that the North Shore is renowned for.