Godfathers of the Ocean Philanthropic Endeavors!
May 08, 2014

Godfathers of the Ocean philanthropic efforts are back!
We will keep you updated with our ventures and causes for humanity, animals and the environment. A brief recap of our history:
Godfathers of the Ocean have always been great supporters and generous in helping charities worldwide. Whilst we have travelled the globe during Munga's rewarding surfing career, we soon discovered the poverty and deprived conditions of the many people in remote locations around the world.
We were inspired to take this involvement one step further by bringing the Worlds top professional men and women surfers together to form the ‘Godfathers Foundation’. Munga with his wife Krista Barry, a former Australian Swimming representative who too has brought together the patronage from many of World’s top Swimmers and Ironmen in supporting this organisation.
Uniting the water world champions together was an integral part to structuring the foundations for the Godfathers of the Ocean to be capable of achieving their primary goal in raising awareness and funds for various charities worldwide.
In the past 15 years, Godfathers of the Ocean has not only raised over $100,000 towards various charities without the aid from Government assistance or grants, they have brought global attention to many charities and causes. Godfathers’ solely run by support by their sporting identities, the surfing/ surf lifesaving, and swimming communities.
Godfathers of the Ocean will endeavor to grow and flourish in the future to achieve their objectives, and it is with the additional support from sponsors, celebrities, family, and friends that will eventuate into an international contribution around the world.
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Image: Mick Fanning; Nathan Hedge; Joel Parkinson and Taj burrows, sign autographs for the Godfathers of the Ocean Celebrity Auction 2003