Jack McCoy reflects on his surfing film 'Bunyip Dreaming with Munga
July 05, 2016
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Jack McCoy
My first movie collaborating with Billabong Founder Gordon Merchant was Bunyip Dreaming. I wanted to make a film at the time for Billabong to acknowledge with respect where its name came from. This was a time when Australia was having a conversation about saying sorry, giving back and open a channel of respectful communication to the traditional owners of the land. I felt I could make a statement for the company that would show respect and have a moral statement for the company I was about to start a long relationship with. There were a few surfers featured in Bunyip however it was Michael ‘Munga’ Barry who connected immediately with me and got it in one about how I work and what I was trying to do as an artist film maker. Something some surfers then and beyond had trouble understanding. All I can say is that I REALLY LOVED WORKING WITH MUNGA and stuck my neck out just a bit further for him than others when it came to shooting in the water at some pretty gnarly slabs we hit while filming. Boy oh boy did I take the lip on the head after this shot cuts to him pulling out. POUNDED. I’d come in seeing stars and smilin’ hoping “I GOT IT”. A couple of weeks later when I’d get my rushes back I was always pretty stoked with the result. Thanks Michael for your trust in me and my trust for you not to run me over. Aloha jack
Thanks for the kind words Jack,
It was a privilege working with you creating the Billabong movies many moons ago. To have a vision, desire & determination that you had sometimes was hard to see (like running around a big Gumtree 5
0 time, or doing 100 takes of the same thing) but when it was all in the can with your expert directing and producing team really hit the nail on the head. 
To date, many have tried to copy though nobody has come close to recreating the feel & way these movies have been composed with the footage and the soundtrack. 
Throughout the years and still today many people ask me where is that wave? Well I have to say a lot of people still don't know! That is one of the mysteries that surround your movies making them all time classic and that I am very proud to have been a part of.
All the very best to you and the family
Michael "Munga'Barry