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MUNGA. I wonder how many of us know how much of an impact this bloke had on the surfing world In the 80s and 90s? Or even know of the series of videos he was featured in, starting with the groundbreaking Bunyip Dreaming by Jack McCoy and BILLABONG.

If you do, you know we all wanted to be Munga travelling the world surfing perfect waves and not having to win bloody contest to be relevant.

Munga was the man, and he still is at Burleigh when he’s home with his lovely Krista, and amazing sons Kieran and Kaimana.
Here he is at 16 or 17, just ripping, eh.

I have been out of the shaping bay for a long time but I’m going back to get down and dirty and hope to hand shape a bunch of Munga Weapons for a bit of nostalgia but as, importantly, to put some coin back in Munga‘s pocket for a thanks for all that he gave us.

They won’t be cheap and they won’t be nasty... They’ll be sick shooters to either hang on your wall or rip like Munga on.
The website with all the details is going up August 1st. I only have time to hand shape 300 boards a year due to my other love which is #nevhouse so will be a signed and numbered limited edition of boards from the loud and proud 1980s.

Stay tuned