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Gold Coast Weekend Surf Forecast - 25th & 26th July 2015

Temp: Min 14Max 24

Southport Seaway Approx. Tide Times

Low Tide: 8:10am

High Tide: 3:20pm

A lot warmer air temperature this weekend with 5–10knt NW winds on Saturday, swinging around on Sunday to the SW to West at 5-15knts.

The winds will be the best aspect and will favor with clean offshore conditions, though not much on the swell side.

Only a 2 foot East N/E swell running on the Gold Coast with the low tide throughout the morning with only tinny ones on the point would best suit the open beach breaks, The Spit and an early surf on Sunday at any of the beachies, TOS or D ’Bar.

Tip: “Breathe controlled, in through the nose and out through the mouth to maximise your power when paddling for waves”

Enjoy and stay safe,

Michael “Munga” Barry