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Coming into summer here on the Gold Coast brings the hot weather, northerly winds and unfortunately small waves. A great time to learn how to surf, but also a great time to look at what surfboard you need. With an array of hybrid surfboards on the market and shapers pushing the artistic boundaries of design you can become confused what surfboard is the one for you. Depending on what level you are at, and what waves you are comfortable with you can still get what surfing is all about; fun, challenges, fitness & health. Every wave, every surf & every day look for achievements, lessons learnt and memories had as surfing is all of this as well. If your riding a small board, malibu or even a Stand Up Paddle board always look at improving and take something away from surfing that can help you through the long work days ahead.

Remembering those feelings will never go away and you can relive them where ever and when ever. One of my best memories is of a wave at Burleigh Heads a few years back, the swell was absolutely perfect. The sand banks where lining up from Sharkies (The very top of Burleigh Headland) all the way past the point and on through to the beach break. At 4-6 feet, slight south westerly wind, blues skies and obviously fairly crowded. But that didn't matter. The wave I remember was a tube that just did not stop, running from the top of Sharkies and letting me out of the tube past the Point. Over 300mtrs travelling inside a moving, spiralling, spinning, spitting ball of mother natures energy. Being inside a tube is like no other feeling I have experienced on land and or in life, especially for a distance and period that this particular wave allowed me to enjoy. That wave felt so surreal and almost like a video replay as I had so much time to actually watch and be mesmerized what was happening.

Something that I will never forget which helps me get through the small northerly swells here on the Gold Coast.

Enjoy & Keep Surfing,

Michael "Munga" Barry