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Gold Coast Surf Forecast

Sat Temp: Min 9 Max 21

Sun Temp: Min 10 Max 20

Southport Seaway Approx. Tide Times

HighTide: 8:30am

LowTide: 2pm

Should be another fun weekend for waves with light offshore winds Saturday & Sunday morning, turning South 10- 15knts by lunchtime.

Only a 2 foot SE swell with a few bigger ones every so often, Any of the Beach Breaks, TOS and D’Bah will have a wave to enjoy.

The might even be a couple of small runners on the point breaks early before the tide gets to high

Be patient, give a wave or two to others and in return you will be rewarded in many ways

Enjoy and have a safe surf

Michael "Munga" Barry

Gold Coast Surf Forecast – 8th & 9th August 2015

Sat Temp: Min 7 Max 20

Sun Temp: Min 10 Max 21 (Slight chance of a late shower)

Southport Seaway Approx. Tide Times

Low Tide: 8:24am

High Tide: 3:13pm

This weekend a 10–15knt offshore SSW winds on Saturday morning, tending around to the S by midmorning.

Only a 2 foot plus E/NE swell running, best bet try an early surf at any of the exposed Beaches or TOS before the wind picks up, and D’Bah on the incoming tide.

Sunday will blow a little stronger SSW in the morning up to 15knts before the SSE & ESE wind comes in throughout the afternoon.

A little pulse should be welcomed and again early surf on Sunday with an increased 2 to 4 foot swell, any beaches with a good sand bar will keep you happy or try the points break on the mid to low tides.

Munga's Weekly surf tip: “Draw your bottom turns out like an archer’s bow and release your turns like an arrow”

Enjoy and stay safe,

Michael “Munga” Barry

Gold Coast Weekend Surf Forecast – 1st & 2nd August 2015

Temp: Min 11 Max 24

Saturday’s Southport Seaway Approx. Tide Times

High Tide: 8:19am

Low Tide: 2:11pm (Add approx. 1hr each day for tide differences)

Water Temp – 20°

A classic winters weekend with 5–15knt offshore winds on Saturday, then turning northerly by the afternoon.

Sunday will see NW at 5-15knts and again turning northerly by the afternoon.

Good conditions all along the beachbreaks though not much on the swell side.

Only a 2 foot East ES/E swell running on the Gold Coast with the high tide throughout the morning with only tinny ones on the point would best suit the open beach breaks, The Spit, TOS or D ’Bar for the pick of the swell..

“Use your forearm as your steering wheel and look where you want to go”

Enjoy and stay safe,

Michael “Munga” Barry

What a fantastic day for our English visitors, perfect weather, awesome surf conditions. Bishop Stortford Rugby team, we loved having you, what a great team of boys!



What an awesome time these young girls had today learning to surf...we look forward to seeing them get out there again soon!