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Is it on your bucket list?
Is it because it’s ‘cool’ and your friends are doing it?
Is it your way of getting fit rather than going to the gym?
Are you an adrenaline junky?
Is it your way of getting out there with nature and being one with all of creation?
Or, do you just want to know what the big deal is when they say ‘only a surfer
knows the feeling’.

Let us know why you want to learn!

The Surf School operated by Godfathers Of The Ocean, is like no other. Nothing is left to chance. You are mentored by Michael ‘Munga’ Barry, Head Surfing Coach and former World Professional Surfer. His 30 years of professional surfing is without parallel.


My three kids had the opportunity to learn the art of surfing on our recent trip to Burleigh Heads. Munga Barry was fabulous with the kids. He had them standing and riding the waves in no time. The kids had some extra company out in the water too!! Steve Fagan


Gold Coast Bulletin article on the birth of our son Kaimana (Hawaiin name meaning Oceanspirit) back in 1999 and then 18 months later he progressed to his next size board.

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Back in 2002 we launched our Godfathers of the Ocean Celebrity Calendar featuring Kelly Slater on the cover and some of the Worlds best surfers, Ironmen, Swimmers and triathletes. This was the first time ever that a calendar featured some of the worlds best waterman.. to name a  few featured; Kelly Slater, Luke Egan, Occy, Joel Parkinson, Grant Hackett, Ky Hurst, Sunny Garcia, Munga, Trevor Hendy, Geoff Huegill...

We will post some of the featured pages of the calendar over the next few weeks.