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Hi guys & gals,

Are you stuck in a rut progressing your surfing? 

Why not try a Skype consultation with me to give you tips and homework that can be put to the test out in the water to improve your surfing over this summer.

All athletes who strive to better themselves will have a coach, mentor or a plan to put in place to fine tune their goals and aspirations.

Knowledge of what is working and what is not working are made of small adjustments from whatever you know already.

As a surf coach I do not expect to change your style, I only wish to make things achievable, easier & much more fun.

If you’re a beginner, intermediate or an experienced surfer, why not give it a go, anywhere, anytime and anyone can benefit from words of wisdom.

Look forward to speaking to you soon to start improving your surfing.

Click here to book your consultation http://www.godfathersoftheocean.com/shop/products/coaching

Michael “Munga” Barry

Godfathers of the Ocean Surf School

Head Surf Coach

Former World Professional Surfer