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Godfathers of the Ocean Surf School opened in April 2001,  and was foundered by Krista Barry whose drive and passion created a surf school that embraces a passion for all persons to enjoy the thrill of surfing and the healthy lifestyle that it brings.

Godfathers of the Ocean Surf School employs coaches that have a passion for surfing and the love of the ocean, who are enthusiasistic towards health and fitness particularly water sports and surfing in general is the driving force behind their surf school philosophy to encourage all persons to give it a go! A surf school that is philathropic, and passionate about water safety, emotional well-being of all persons and the development and knowledge of the ocean that surfing offers.

Godfathers surf school is based at Burleigh Heads, one of the World’s most famous surfing locations.

Our Team

Krista Barry

  • Business Manager - Godfathers of the Ocean 
  • Marketing & Branding Strategist - PGradCertBus (Marketing), PGradCert(HRM)
  • Philanthropist
  • Co-Founder/Director, Godfathers Foundation: Formerly an organization support by the World's best Surfers, Swimmers and Ironmen, raising funds & providing awareness for local and International charities and environmental organizations. 
  • Marketing & Branding Stragist - PostGradCertBus (Marketing), (HRM)

Michael ‘Munga’ Barry

  • Competed for 12 Years on the Surfing World Champion Tour (WCT)
  • Head Surf Coach - Godfathers of the Ocean Surf School
  • Former Surf Coach, Billabong Junior Team Riders
  • Former Billabong Contest Director, Gold Coast, Jefferies Bay, South Africa

Our Family

Kaimana Barry

Kaimana BarryAt 18 years of age Kaimana is already an experienced traveler, Kaimana spent many years travelling whilst dad was on the World Tour including travels when dad was contest director & coaching roles with Billabong. Some of the countries that Kaimana has ventured to are: Hawaii, Fiji, South Africa on numerous occasions.

Kaimana started surfing regularly in the summer of 2009 and has formed his own goofy foot style to tackle his home of world famous Burleigh Heads. Kaimana has a strong paddling technique and thrives on getting close out barrels & the biggest waves available. He started to demonstrate what was possible on a wave when he started to charge each wave he caught. Wow, what a difference when he starts moving and turning his surfboard, things start happening. Floaters, forehand & backhand re-entries & snaps are a new found love.

Kaimana is a talented artist and has a passion for health and fitness, and film and television and he excells in many sports, Gymnastics, Cross Country, Swimming, Surfing, Rugby and is a Prefect and House Captain at school (TSS) including Captain of the Gymnastics Team. Kaimana is determined to aspire to bigger & better things in and out of the water.

Kiarn Barry

Kiarn BarryKiarn started surfing at 8 yrs of age on a 6’6 softboard, progressed to his dad’s 5’11 very quickly and started tearing it up. Kiarn is the youngest of our ‘GOTO’ Club members, and had to show everyone that he was just as good and if not better than the other members.

Kiarn’s claim to fame was when he pulled into a left hand rip bowl only to disappear totally out of sight and emerge at the end of the wave claiming it. Must be something in those genes!

Kiarn is a dedicated gymnast spending over 16 hours a week in the gym, he is a level 8 gymast who has just made his first Australian to team to tour New Zealnd in October 2017. He placed 4th Overall in the Level 8 Opens at the National Championships this year in May and was the QLD Level 5 & Under State Gymnastics Champion, and in 2012 made his first QLD team for the level 6 & Under. Kiarn competed in the National Gymnastics Championships in July 2013 as a member of the Queensland side coming away with a Bronze in Pommel, Silver medal in Vault & Gold Medal in the Teams Event. Kiarn is also a qulaified Junior coach with Gymnastics Australia and Qualified Judge for Gymnastics Asustralia. His dedication to gymnastics has certainly assisted his progression in surfing.

Though both of the boys do not get as much water time, they have a desire that shows when they hit the surf each weekend. Kiarn has already mastered the “OCCY” backhand snap and has a natural eye for reading different waves.