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Surfing is one of the most engaging activities around!

Do you want a fun challenging activity that will engage both your mind and body? Do you want to experience an activity that allows you to get out of your comfort zone?

Surfing is a great environment for being in the moment’, this is an environment that we cannot control, as every wave is different and we have to learn to adapt, read the waves, and respect mother nature. Riding a wave allows you to become one with the wave and be present in that moment. You will require to learn new skills, basic learn to surf skills, paddling onto a wave, standing up and balancing, and ocean knowledge.

This team-building activity allows each other to know each other’s strengths, weaknesses, but more importantly to encourage each other to keep trying, to acknowledge and cheer each other on in a fun, enjoyable environment.

The ocean environment is great for stress release, it improves your mood, the sun, salt, and sand make you feel alive. So, what better way to enjoy a team bonding experience than with a surfing lesson, and for those already experienced, a surfing session!

All equipment is supplied, including rashies, and wetsuits if needed. We run our lessons down at Burleigh Heads Beach, however, we can accommodate at our back-up locations at Kirra and Surfers Paradise.