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Per Person From $60| 90 minutes

Single Lesson: $60.00

Package of 3 lessons: $172.50

Package of 4-Lessons: $220

Days available:

Fridays: 7am & 9.00 am

Saturdays: 7am & 9.00 am

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Enjoy surfing in our ladies-only surf lessons for beginners to intermediate levels. This is a great learning experience in a fun, safe environment with our coaches in the water with you at all times.

The lessons run through surf safety, learning about your equipment, standing up, and having fun. Thclassesns are structured to have fun whilst learning the skill of surfing or advancing you to the next level.

Surfing weekly will help you gain self-confidence in a supportive and fun environment whilst sharing bonding experiences with other ladies who want to get fit, have fun, and enjoy the ocean.

At Godfathers of the Ocean, we not only take pride in teaching the skill of surfing, be we liked to see all people try surfing as an experience to live their best life!

It has been reported that when women spend time together doing things regularly each week, their overall health and well-being are improved.

The health benefits include a more robust immune system, a decrease in anxiety levels, improving your overall fitness levels, feeling stronger and leaner, and more confidence.

The Lesson runs for 60 minutes or 90 minutes, and we supply all equipment, rashies, wetsuits (if needed), soft boards, and legropes.  

For further information, you can email us or book in!